The Reignwolf 2011/2012 timeline:

In 2008, my close friend Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden/HATER/HBS), introduced me to Jordan cook. It was just after Ben was hired to play bass on Jordan's first record, Seven Deadly Sins. Not long after being introduced to Jordan, I watched some of his live performances on YouTube and realized that Jordan had more potential than what he'd been doing in Saskatoon. After searching through pretty much everything, I found a couple videos that came close to showcasing Jordan's potential, and began posting them on Facebook. Once I noticed some good responses to the videos, I sent the links to my friend Hannah Levin, who's a DJ on one of the nations top indie radio stations, KEXP. At that time, Hannah was the host of the popular program Audioasis, which showcases local bands giving them the opportunity to perform a short live, on-air performance complete with an interview. These performances are all filmed and hosted on the KEXP YouTube page, which is the perfect media package for any band. With all of this in mind, I bugged Hannah pretty regularly, asking if there was any way she'd be willing to help get Jordan more visibility by possibly booking him for the show. She eventually explained to me that if he was in Seattle, she could possibly help. About a year later, the bugging paid off, when Hannah asked me if I could get Jordan, to come down to Seattle for a KEXP sponsored Audioasis show. It was a headlining slot on a Friday night for a KEXP benefit show, and it was enough to convince Jordan to come down to Seattle for for an extended vacation. His Canadian band wasn't quite ready to pack up and move to Seattle for nearly a year, so I introduced him to my close friends Joseph Brailey and David "Stitch" Rappaport, who make up the beloved Seattle duo, The Mother's Anger. Not only do Stitch and Joseph round out the Reignwolf sound, they also contribute subtle, but ultra important elements to the entire Reignwolf image. With their unique style, they are a great contrast to any possible rock cliches that may be happening during the live performances. Once Stitch and Joseph signed on to be Jordan's rhythm section, I began strategically booking shows in an effort to help build the project responsibly, keeping it all about the music as the connection between the band mates grew, and letting fans discover the music first. Booking the right shows is important, but the major turning point in the project came after putting together a production team to document the performances in a way that the earlier Jordan Cook shows had never been captured. We began filming the shows and building an archive of footage that icludes everything from behind the scenes studio sessions, to live performances and interviews. In an effort to build a genuine interest between fans and the band, we were very specific in releasing only select content for public consumption. This strategy quickly captured the attention of Don Muller at the William Morris Endeavor, who after discovering some of the videos we had posted to YouTube, took over booking shows in late 2012. This gave me the opportunity to work on other projects and focus on staying on the creative side of music and entertainment.

"REIGNWOLF" -The story behind the band name:

In mid November 2011, Jordan arrived at my house in Seattle. I had been thinking about the December 3rd show that I had booked with Hannah, and for some reason when I saw the finished flyer, something didn't look right. I kept thinking about how so many great bands have interesting band names, and Jordan Cook just didn't look right next to The Anunnaki and Pony Time. I'd been thinking of band names before booking the show, but it's a lot like coming up with a title for a painting, and I hadn't quite digested the whole concept of this particular beast. The only thing I knew was that "Jordan Cook" sounded a bit too much like the name of a past American Idol contestant. Already being booked as Jordan Cook, I thought we would have to do something interesting, and rebrand on stage, during the show. 3 days before the show, I came up with the name, and as soon as I did, I threw together the first design using The Cult font as well as a symbol from their album cover, and cut the first Reignwolf kick drum graphic on my vinyl plotter in my basement, •click here to see it

"REIGNWOLF" comes from combining the song, "Rain" by the band The Cult, with Howling Wolf. I had The Cult "Love" playing in the background as I was looking through Howling Wolf lyrics for band name inspiration, and though he's a total badass of the blues, I couldn't find any cool words in Howling Wolf's lyrics. In the background, the song Rain came on and being a huge fan of The Cult, I immediately thought to somehow combine them and Howling Wolf. Based on the song that was playing, I instantly thought of how interesting the name Rainwolf was. I knew that had to be it. Once I thought of the name, I went online and found that rainwolf.com" was already taken. It was about an hour after that when I realized "rain"" could be spelled "reign." Upon checking the domain name with the new spelling, I found that Reignwolf.com was available. •This is the very first Reignwolf site

-Ryan Crase

Below is a sequential list of the shows I booked during the time I worked on the Reignwolf project

•Dec. 3rd 2011: The Sunset Tavern (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•Dec. 18th 2011: The Cha Cha Lounge

•Feb. 18th 2012: The West Kickoff Party (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•Feb. 25th 2012: The Sunset Tavern "Sold Out" (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Geoff Gribbin)

•April 7th 2012 KEXP in-studio performance (filmed/KEXP/public)

•April 7th 2012 The Comet Tavern "Sold Out" (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•April 20th 2012 Jet City Stream In-Studio (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•April 21st 2012 Record Store Day @Easy Street Records (Filmed/archived by: Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•May 7th 2012 Sasquatch

•May 7th 2012 Sasquatch NPR Campground Session (filmed/KEXP/NPR/public)

•July 21st 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party KEXP Showcase Barboza (filmed/KEXP/public)

•July 21st 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party Neumos

•July 21st 2012 Capitol Hill Block Party Chase Jarvis Showcase (filmed/Chase Jarvis/public)

•August 18th 2012 Linda's Fest (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•Sept. 3rd 2012 Bumbershoot (filmed/archived)

•Sept. 14-15th 2012 Rifflandia Victoria, BC

•Oct. 17th 2012 City Arts Festival @The Laser Dome (Produced & Filmed by: -Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•Nov 24th 2012 The Neptune Theater (Produced & Filmed by: Ryan Crase Creative & Scared of Genre Films)

•May 24th 2013 Sasquatch (This was the last Reignwolf Show I booked)

Links and Media:

•His pre-Reignwolf sound found on Pandora!

•Electric Love performed as Reignwolf Dec. 3rd 2011

• City Arts Magazine Reignwolf interview by legendary writer, Charles Cross

•KEXP Release/Song List

• The very first ever Reignwolf site here

•Web cache of the last Reignwolf website I created using Tumblr (it has since been shut down)

•First rehearsal with Joseph and Stitch. This was the first time Jordan, Stitch and Joseph all met in person and the only rehearsal before their first show

•First rehearsal with Joseph and Stitch. This was the first time Jordan, Stitch and Joseph all met in person and the only rehearsal before their first show

•Dec. 3rd 2011: First Reignwolf show. Notice the "NUDEDRAGONS" shirt. He opens the first 2 full band songs with a riff from Soundgarden's "Head Down" written by Ben Shepherd.

•Ben Shepherd cameo, bottom of screen at 3:03

• Press from the first Reignwolf show. In the bottom photo, you can see how we unveiled "Reignwolf" by way of the kick drum graphic complete with "The Cult" font

The flyer for the first Seattle Reignwolf show on December 3rd, 2011 -all printed up before we even had the name, "REIGNWOLF":